Sunday, September 2, 2012

End Of Summer

Its offically end of summer. Labor day is a TOMORROW and most of the kids are back in school! Hensley starts school in two days. Only two years of preschool at Wee Shine left and its def bittersweet and I'm sure it will FLY BY! This past weekend we spent celebrating my birthday and getting Hensley prepared for back to school.

Happy 27th Birthday to ME :)

It's hard to believe this was my 27th birthday! It seems like yesterday I was graduating high school and now I am very aware that my 10 year high school reunion is next year! REALLY???!!!?!?!? It's really insane!
My birthday was filled with some shopping, relaxing and spending time with my family. It was a pretty relaxed birthday weekend. Out to breakfast and dinner that day with my parents and lots of playing and napping with Hensley and Andy in between! It POURED rain all day so it was a perfect Sunday! I would say year 27 is off to a good start :)

Hensley outfit he chose for my birthday dinner!

My dad made me a cake...said its the first cake he has ever made and it was insanely delicious! 

Hensley is officially ready for back to school. He has been asking about it for weeks and his open house is this Tuesday. Luckily we already know Hensley's teacher Mrs. Cindy because we was his teacher his first year at Wee Shine. She is incredibly sweet and so excited to be a lead teacher this year! He has picked out his cool lunchbox (CARS!) because this will be the first year he eats lunch at school! Very exciting for him. And after a long long long search for the perfect shoes we found them and he couldnt love them more! :)

THE new shoes :)
Hensley has grown up so much this summer. I think back to how small and attached he was at the beginning of the school year last year. He has blossomed so much and really become his own person! SO much of that has come from his experiences at Wee Shine and the amazing people he has me there. Finding that preschool for us was like a blessing. It was the best decision so far that we have made for Hensley. He started 2 years ago just 18 months old, crying every morning when we left, so attached to us, not really having any vocabulary skills to now.... a confident little boy who is smile and say "hey" to everyone that passes him, who can speak with ease, who talks about this friends and teachers with a grin on his face. It amazed me to no end.

      First day of Preschool 2010                                             First Day of Preschool 2011

This summer has consisted of so much fun, so many milestones, and so many bittersweet moments for us. Hensley swam his little heart out this summer and I can without a doubt say, "he can swim!" He is like a little fish! Diving to the bottom of the pool and swimming all around, jumping off the diving board and having no Fear! Our amazing beach trip left us wore out and with so many amazing memories :) Hensley has grown up so much this summer and has even dropped his paci! We NEVER thought this day would come but it did!! August 26th was his last day with it and he has done amazing. I am slowly seeing my little baby with chubby thighs and a paci in his mouth turn into my little boy who's legs hang to my knees when I carry him. A little one who needs me less and less everyday! One who can put his shoes and clothes on all by himself, talk up a storm, SWIM, hit the baseball with insane force, knows all his ABC's, can count to 30 and name the President, Vice President, and Secretary of State along with what country, city, and state he lives in. He still curls up in my lap at times and carries his blue monkey. He still calls me "mommy" and needs kisses for boo boo's. I'll continue to watch him grow and smile with a tear in my eye!

As sad as I am to see summer come to an end I am looking forward to getting back to routine, the weather getting cooler, and all the amazing things that come with fall!

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