Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mid September....WHAT?!?!?!?!

I just realized it's mid September......HUH!?! How in the world did that happen all ready!????? It really baffles me how quickly time flys by the older you get. We have settled back into a routine that school has started and Andy is working out of two for several weeks so it's just Hensley and I 5 days a week. Tough sometimes, but I really enjoy all the special time we spend together. Breaks my heart when he asks "where is my daddy?" and it's hard to explain in terms he will understand but I try and his face lights up when he returns
 home on Friday nights! :)

HAHA Facetime with Daddy!

Hensley is doing AMAZING in everything! He is doing incredible at school, love his teachers and new friends, and most importantly he thinks his lunch box is amazing! HAHA it's the little things! He is learning so much and his teachers just love him.

He is doing FANTASTIC in tee ball this season. You'll remember last season was....hard? Difficult? Frustrating? All of the above? YES! This season Andy decided not to coach to see if they made a difference and it really has. Hensley got an great coach, Coach Chris and his wife. He is on the Bats team! GO BLACK AND RED! He has participated in all the warm up drills and been hitting great, and even got three balls so far in the outfield and threw to 1st base! :) He absolutely loves the game! He got all the "pro gear" like his ball pants and red socks! :) He looks adorable!

We have been attending Christ Way Church really regular lately, which has been something we have been wanting to do for a few months now, but summer time stuff got in the way and honestly we were being super lazy! It's been so great to be back into that routine and this past week for the first time EVER Hensley went in AND stayed in Sunday School!!! He came out with the biggest smile on his face! He loved every second of it. They made cute little crafts, ate snack, and learned about Jesus! Looking so forward to this Sunday! :)

The newest addition to our house and Hensley's new obsession is.....his hermit crabs!! My parents went to the beach for my mom's birthday a few weeks ago and they brought him back 2!!! He plays with them several times a day. They get "exercise" as he calls it and a bath in a little cup of water! He thinks they are so interesting!

Hensley and I were looking at Halloween costumes the other day online...INSANE I KNOW!.....and I think he has made up his mind about what he wants to be! We will see after our visit to the store in a few weeks. :)

We have had so many little things happen and adventures the past few weeks I thought maybe it was time to do an instagram update! So here it is :) Enjoy.....

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