Saturday, August 11, 2012

High Five for Friday!!!

The weeks seem to be flying by! 2012 is more then half way over!! We had a pretty relaxed week since the theme of this week seems to be RAIN RAIN and MORE RAIN :/ It has really put a damper on our pool time :/

1. We decided to put our house up for sale this week and we are praying it goes well. We have been here for 4 1/2 years now and we want to move somewhere with more land and closer to Hensley's school and ball teams. We found the PERFECT house for sale but it went under contract this week! BUMMER. We are just trying to focus on making our house as "sellable" as possible.

2. Speaking of Hensley's ball team, it's already time to sign up for fall tee ball this weekend. I am so excited and I hope Hensley is a little more comfortable on the field this year. Andy will not be coaching this time around so he is looking forward to coming to the games and just enjoying watching Hensley play :)

Still Practicing hard :) 

3. As I said it's been raining here all week :/ which has made for some fun indoor playtime and fort building as well movie watching cuddle time :) One storm got pretty scary. It was so loud Hensley had to hold his ears!!!

Hensley watching the storm!
Insane clouds


Hensley's holding his ears from the LOUD thunder 

4. Did my third diaper cake this past week for a family friend and I it turned out PRONOMINAL!

5. If you know me you know my office is usually a WRECK! Like seriously a tornado to could through it and it wouldnt look as bad as it normally does!! BUT....this week it became CLEAN! I organized and made it look amazing and I'm pretty proud of myself! However...the cleaning up stage was the first in many for this little nook...its about to undergo a MAJOR change. Stay tuned :)

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