Monday, March 26, 2012

Where does time go????

Tonight was spent laying in bed with our little family watching Toy Story 3. All cuddled together happy as can be. Andy had a long Monday back at work so he barely made it 15 minutes into the movie before he was out. That left me and little man. He had no nap and was doing all things possible to avoid CRASH MODE!

He was soon out and I was left all alone. Andy is usually the "carry to bed" guy when Hensley falls asleep in our bed but tonight as I realized it was my job something HIT me!!!

I picked Hensley up to take him to bed and realized.....HE'S BIG!  Big as in "omg when did he get this heavy? When did he get so long? When did he get so ..... grown??!!!!"
Everday life keeps up so busy and seeing him everyday makes me not realize how much he's changed!
I actually CRIED! As thankful as I am that he is growing and thriving each and everyday it's hard to see him become so big, and independent. Each birthday has not really been hard for me because he was still such a baby to me but this year I think it might a little harder.

                                                                                       Hensley at birth

Hensley 3 Months

Henlsey 1 Year

Henlsey 18 Months

Hensley 2 Years

Hensley 24 Months

Hensley 2 1/2 Years 

                                                                           Almost Three!!!!!

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