Sunday, March 25, 2012


Its been an eventful few weeks in our home full of changes :) As Hensley's 3rd birthday fastly approaches (only 1 week away now!) he is growing more and more into a little boy instead of a baby! It's bittersweet! He is becoming so independent. Our BIG accomplishment over the past few weeks is POTTY TRAINING :)

I had dreading starting this process because I was not only nervous but..had heard so many people that either A) having a terrible time with it or B) who's kid got it after only one day and were accident free from them on.
I was intimidated to say the least!!!!!

Well reoccuring advise I got from other mom's was to skip pull ups altogether. We had been doing pull ups for a while but Hensley was using them like diapers so they were not really helping with the process. So on Monday March 12th we just stopped with the pull ups and did underwear. And.....he went to the potty like a champ. Like he had been doing it his whole life. I was totally blown away and was completely in denial and told myself  "This must be a fluke, luck even! He will be totally uninterested in this potty thing tomorrow!"

Well tomorrow came he wore underwear and......accident free and went the potty all day. We even went a few outings that day and I was very prepared with extra clothes shoes...everything!!! accidents! He even told me at lunch he had to pee...and he did.. in the potty ! :) Its been almost three weeks now and he's still going strong. He was been in underwear 100 percent (even at preschool) and he has had ONE pee accident :) I am so incredibly proud of him! And the most amazing thing is too see how proud he is of HIMSELF!  Every time he pees he runs out of the bathroom saying "I pee peed in the potty!! COME SEE!!!" :) He has never from the start expected or wanted a treat or reward  he only wants.... a high five :)

Poop on the other hand is a totally different story and we are working on that! He is a nerves/shy pooper and being all exposed on the potty is tough but I know he'll get it and I'll always "COME SEE" :)

               The first independent PEE :)  3/13/12

                   MR. UNDERWEAR :)

       Now for some fun pics from over the past few weeks ;)

a little self portrait 

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