Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day 2016 Part 2

So we have already looked back at our memories of the lake for the 4th of July celebrations. You can see that here.

So since all that fun was the 3rd of July we were just beginning our Independence Day celebrations. 
Andy was working on the 4th (BOOOOO!) and my parents were out of town, but we still have a lot family in town so Hensley and decided to head down to my Grandpa's and enjoy a little cookout! 

My uncle Johnny is the cook of the family and he certainly did not disappoint this day! 

It was oh so hot but we had a great time eating and making my Grandpa laugh! 
We don't get together too much like this during the year but it's nice when we do and we always have a good time catching up! 

Hensley got to spend some time with his newest cousin....Jace :) 

Our family...most of them!

The boys!

 Everyone was trying to get someone else to take a photo of them with my was a little hectic...I sat down beside him and told him we didn't need anyone to take out picture...Grandpa's first selfie :) 

My Grandpa loves Hensley so so much.

Well after all that fun....we headed home but it just didn't feel right to spend our 4th of July night all alone since Andy was out of we went home spent literally 10 minutes packing, loaded up the car with the dogs and off we headed to South Carolina for a few days to see my parents. Hensley was so so excited and thought it was so cool we just decided on a spur on the moment to take an adventure.

We'll catch up with you in a few days and let you in on all the fun we had! It was a gorgeous end to the weekend!

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