Friday, July 15, 2016

Independence Day Weekend 2016

Happy Independence Day!
We love this holiday! It's full of fun times, good food and celebrating our wonderful country. 

This year the holiday fell on a Monday so it was a good excuse to celebrate the whole entire weekend!
We were lucky enough to get an invite by our sweet friends, the Denson's, to head out to the lake and have some fun on their boat on Saturday!

We headed to Kerr Lake which was about an hour away from us and we were very excited because we had never been there before. We are all about going to new and different places and so far this year we have been to a lot! This lake was beautiful! We couldn't have asked for a better day or more perfect weather!!!

We set up here close to the water where the boat could pull right up. We were going to be swimming here and also grilling out for dinner :) 

Hensley absolutely loved the water. I was worried he would be hesitant since he had never been to a lake before but he had no fear and really loved floating and jumping off the tube!

We spent all day swimming and floating. We took a few rides on the boat and it was so nice to just curl up with my sweet boys and enjoy the view :)

I love Hensley and Noah's friendship. Noah is such a sweet boy and they both keep each other laughing!

The many faces of Hensley! 

We ate lunch and Andy and I both soaked up every minute with Hensley and seeing his little face :)

It was a beautiful evening and probably the best part of the day was all three of us getting to go tubing for the first time. We had been wanting to go for so long and we were so excited to finally get the chance. Hensley liked it more then I thought he would he just didn't want it going too fast :) 

I have to get a little sappy for a moment. Bare with me......Today Andy and I tubed together side by side and it was literally my favorite memory with him ever. I had NO idea it would be as fun as it was. I was terrified and screamed at the top of my lungs everytime we hit a big wave (or what I thought was big) and Andy laughed til he cried at me! I looked over at one point after we had went pretty fast and he was laughing so hard. It made me laugh even harder. My stomach and face hurt so bad after getting off that tube from laughing and smiling. It was seriously just a moment of pure fun where we could let loose and enjoy each other and I will remember it and treasure that memory forever. 

After dinner and relaxing on the beach we headed out to get a great spot on the lake to watch the fireworks. I think everyone was exhausted and so so happy to have had this day together!

I really hate that neither of my cameras could capture how amazing it was on the water in the dark. There were boats as far as the eye could see in both directions. After all the fun we had that day it was incredibly peaceful.

I think the 4th of July is always time that we can be so grateful for the country we live and for our freedom. It's something that's so easy to take for granted and this is always a nice reminder of just how blessed we are! It was awesome looking around at all the boats while listening to the band play the national anthem in the backgroung. It was literally picture perfect!

 Happy 4th of July everyone :) This was definitely one for the books.

P.S This all went down on the 3rd of July! Lots more 4th of July fun to come !

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