Friday, April 1, 2016

Hensley turns 7!!!!!

Hensley is turning 7!!!

I don't how in the world he is already turning 7, but here we are!!! 

Ready to celebrate another year in style with lots of friends, food and fun! 

It's amazing how much he has grown. He was a little sleepy this morning because he stayed up late the night before playing with Daddy. And he did his own hair :)

How awesome is his shirt this year! I got an guy on ETSY to do for me and really the last minute he was amazing and made sure it was here on time. 

This year, as always, Hensley picked the place. Even though we had his birthday party at a trampoline park last year, there is a new one open in town and Hensley loves it. So it set! 
Air Fun Trampoline park was set for the location. We had visited it during Christmas break and Hensley fell in love. We invited all his friends and ordered some pizza it was done! I love love love doing his parties at these places because the kids have an absolute blast and it's SO easy for us. We don't have to set up, clean up or stress. As the parents we get sit back, relax and enjoy Hensley on his special day!

He had an awesome turn out as always and all the kids loved it!

I will admit I didn't get a ton of pictures this year which is very unlike me. I blame it on two reasons: I really really wanted to talk to a lot of the other parents that I don't get to see a lot and I am always taking pictures of Hensley so I wanted to back off and let him play and do whatever he wanted to, which meant playing dodge ball almost the whole time! :) 

Also, during the party Hensley started having a really hard time breathing. At first I thought he was just tired or got too hot but I soon realized it wasn't that. He was truly having a hard time breathing. 
(Side note: a few days later we headed to the doctor and he was diagnosed with seasonal asthma.)
It was a little scary any now we have an inhaler and he uses it as needed but I definitely stay on edge a little bit when he is doing physical activity. 

Back to the party.......

Hensley has always had an awesome over the top cake each and every year. We know an awesome lady who does an amazing job. However, there were a lot of first this year and this was one of them. Hensley did not want a cake. He is not a fan of cake and usually never eats any of it. Plus it's a lot of money to spend just for the "wow factor" since he doesn't enjoy eating it. 
We asked what he would rather have and it only took a few seconds for him to say he wanted a doughnut cake! 
We had no idea how to make that happen so we basically got a cupcake stand and loaded it down with his favorite Krispy Kreme doughnuts! He was happy as could be!

Speaking of first's, this was also the first year we did not sing happy birthday or blow out candles. 
Hensley has been going through a very shy phase the past several months and his birthday party was no exception. He was hesitant to talk to many of the adults and he was very adamant that he did not want everyone singing to him and watching him blow out the candles. So instead of putting him through it for picture and video purposes we decided to make it easy and go with the flow. 

 After all that jumping the kids ate lots of pizza and doughnuts and were ready to play again!

I so so wish I had more photos of all the kids together who came but it will be a day we will never forget :) 

 Below is a picture that perfectly sums up our family most of the time. It was family picture time and Hensley plastered on his picture perfect smile, while my husband did something to totally ruin the picture, and I was giving him "the look!"
We never got a proper family picture but this will have to do and I totally look at it now and laugh!

Since Hensley didn't open presents the party, again because he didn't want everyone looking him, we took them home and opened them at his leisure. I actually prefer it that way because he actually got to spend time looking at everything without being rushed or crowded and as always, he was very blessed and got a ton of great gifts!

 Hensley's birthday party was actually held the weekend before his real birthday. And it just so happen the week of his birthday was Spring Break from school! How lucky is he! So we had the whole week off to just hang out, do fun stuff, and enjoy the last few days of having a 6 year old!

His birthday also fell during Easter weekend which you can find here. It was a lot of fun as well. 

The day before his birthday we hit up the park with some lunch, our sweet buddy Nate, and ice cream for dessert. 

Finally it was birthday day!! Sadly Andy had to work but we didn't let that slow us down. 
We got up early and had a special breakfast :) 
Doughnuts of course!!! :) 

After breakfast we headed out to spend all that birthday cash that was burning a hole in his pocket :) 

For dinner that evening we headed out to our favorite Mexican restaurant with my parents :)  

Cookie cake from Granny and PawPaw :) 

Hensley had an amazing birthday again this year. He is surrounded by so much love and he couldn't be more blessed. We love him with all our hearts and I love watching the little boy he is growing into. 
7 year old update all about him coming soon :) 

My last cuddles with my sweet 6 year old boy. Tomorrow he is one year older. A little more grown and independent. A little stronger and smarter. But nonetheless still my baby. My life changed forever 7 years ago. Love had a whole new meaning and everything became more beautiful. You gave me life little one. You changed me. You became my purpose and the beat in my heart. I could never thank God enough for allowing me to be your Mommy. You are so incredibly special to us. Life before you is hard to rememeber. God has big plans for you. So always shoot for the stars you were made for great things.
I know tonight you will gain a few more angel kisses on that precious face from Grandma and tomorrow you'll have Granny hold you to count each one.
Happy birthday my love.

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