Friday, August 29, 2014

Class of 2027

Summer has come to an end!!!! BOOOO!!! Not cool at all. We had a blast though and all summer we have been lazy, and happy, and carefree. One reason there such little stress this summer was because a huge decision had been made and all come together and that was where Hensley years. Read all about that here.

The first day of Kindergarten was a much anticipated event in our home. We were all a little scared but we were all so very excited.We couldn't have been happier knowing Hensley was going to an awesome school but it was also sad that he would be gone so much during the week. It made him seemed so much more grown up. More of a little kid then my little baby. I knew my days would be very different with a lot more alone time but at the same time I felt so confident in knowing Hensley was so prepared for this next great adventure thanks to the hard work of his preschool teachers, a little help from me and Andy.

We started preparing a few weeks before school. Getting things ready, picking out a backpack and new shoes. Getting all the supplies on that long school supply list. Picking out the perfect pair of new sneakers. Hensley had asked way back in March when he woke up on his 5th birthday if today was the day he would start kindergarten. He had always known that 5 was that magic number where preschool was over and kindergarten began. It took a little convincing that it didn't mean it started that very day. He had excelled in preschool and all the websites I read and people I talked to made me more confident that he was academically and socially ready for kindergarten.

Leading up to the big day I decided to take Hensley to the public library and check out a few books to ease his mind and explain the changes that were about to happen. We read them every night before bed and his face lit up each time.

 Speaking of bed time, we were also preparing a few weeks ahead of time about Hensley sleeping in his own bed. All summer and pretty much all the time up until now Hensley had slept in our bed. It was something we were all use to and something that brought us all comfort since bed room is so far from ours. But the time was now that he started to sleep in his own bed. He was getting bigger and the room in our bed was dwindling and he was also going to have to get on a more regular schedule then we were on all summer. Gone were the days where we could stay up til 11PM and sleep til whenever the next morning. 6:30 AM wake up call was going to come early every morning and we all needed to adjust and get
 enough rest to handle this big transition.

He is getting so TALL

We made a few gifts for Hensley's new teachers
They deserve so much for all the work they put in :)

We even made a little chart so Hensley can visibly see what he needs to do each evening. 

Before we knew it it was time for Open House at school. I had went a few weeks earlier for a parent introduction and during that time Hensley had to stay in a kindergarten class with some other students and do some fun games and activities. He seemed to love it and we had no problem with him letting us leave him while we toured the school and learned the ropes. I was very confident after this that we were in the right place and that Hensley would be very successful here. However there were three kindergarten teachers and we were going to find out until Open House who's class he would be in.

He was all dressed up and excited to meet his teacher and his new friends.

Hensley sitting at his new desk with is name tag :) He was in the front of the class and of course Mario had to come along.

We went to dinner and talked about how excited we were and how much of a big step this was going to be. Hensley's teacher, Ms. Spaeth seemed so sweet and caring. This is her first year teaching and even though it was very overwhelming  I was so happy to be there at the place we prayed about for so long :) We filled out a ton of paperwork and packed his backpack. He decided he wanted to buy lunch so I packed him a snack and we were officially ready.

The night before kindergarten. I was a ball of nerves, he was a ball of excitement ;)

The first day of school was August 19th (my birthday) and even after going to bed pretty early this little guy decided to sleep in..........

Well little buddy it's time to get up. A big new adventures awaits you today. I will have to let your wings grow a little more today. I know you are ready....wish I was too

Getting him up, dressed, and fed was easier then I thought it would be. He couldn't wait to get out the door and off to school :)

This picture is a little blurry but here he is walking into school on the first day of kindergarten. 8/19/14

He is on his way. Down the big hallway. He looked so small compared to everyone else but he didn't shed one tear. He was so ready. A kiss and two hugs and he was on his way. I stood outside his room for a few watching and making sure everything was OK. Slipped right into his desk already chatting and drawing with his neighbor. I made it to the the car before the tears came. Cried all the way home. But now I am choosing to be thankful. Thankful for the he was lucky to be a part of and a great teacher he will spend each day with and thankful that I have a happy healthy little boy to watch walk down that a hall who is so ready is so many ways for this great big adventure. 

 Today is your day. You're off to great places. You're off and away. You've got brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed. 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed _ Dr Seuss


 My friend Jill and I decided to do a little photo shoot to document this new chapter in Hensley life so we gathered some props and headed out to a farm and took some shots of our big 5 year old Kindergartener. :) They turned out amazing I was so glad we did them and it was bittersweet how big Hensley looked in them all :)

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