Friday, August 15, 2014

Best Week of the Entire Year 2014

It's that time again.....beach trip time!!!! It took FOREVER this year with Andy's work schedule and stuff happening and I thought maybe our annual beach trip wasn't going to happen!! But, never fear! We made it :) KURE BEACH HERE WE COME!!!!

Peace out Greensboro :) We are beach bound!!! Hensley was an excellent rider we did not hear a peep out of him the whole ride down :) 

Hensley won this little blue monkey at the beach when he was 17 months old and he has been very very loved as you can see. He has been to every beach trip and Hensley wasn't willing to leave him home this year :) So he came along :) 

After a long three hour trip....we were ALMOST THERE!!!

Our view for our vacation :) It's a beautiful site ;) 

We could not wait to get our toes in the water and the sand :) We dropped our bags off in our room and hit the beach :)

I took a similar picture like this last year and I hope to try to take on for many years to come :) You can see last's years picture and beach trip blog here.

The only thing that Hensley asked for at the beach this year was a boogie was a huge success!!

Another annual picture I take each year and I can't wait to look back on these and see how much he has grown :) 

The place we stay at the beach got a new sign this year :) It was awesome :) 

The pool was next on our agenda! As much as we have swam this summer in the pools near home there is nothing like the swimming pool at the beach :) 

Later that evening we went to dinner and to walk on the pier. One of our favorite things to do at the beach is go on the pier. We planned to go fishing this year but with a storm off the coast the water was really rough and not much happening on the piers. 
Watching some fishing :)

We spent the rest of the evening on the beach playing in the sand and enjoying the sunset. 

Kure Beach Pier

The walk from Kure Beach pier to our hotel.

Couldn't have a better view :) 

Kure Beach sunset :)

This place always feels like home.

Day 2:

Is there anything better then waking up at the beach??? I seriously doubt it!!

It was a perfect beach morning!!! Sandcastles, boogie boarding, making friends with little beach birds :) 

Making friends with the shore birds

He was so excited to boogie board and I was so excited that he had the courage too :) 

Later that day we went to a beach very near by at Fort Fisher. I love this beach. It had a lot of shells, it's super quiet, and it has huge rocks to climb and explore on. We also made a lot of seagull friends.

We met up with some great people that evening. Andy's friend from work and his girlfriend Kim. They were so so nice and took us to an awesome Mexican restaurant and over to the boardwalk to play some games :) 

We walked the boardwalk, ate fudge and hung out on the beach with our friends while Hensley ran around up and down the life guard towers :) It was the best. 

Day 3: The rain began :(  There was a small tropical storm off the coast and it was bringing lots of wind and lots of rain. We braved it to try a new breakfast place in town and it was sooooooo worth it :) Kate's Pancakae House for the win!

These two made the rainy morning a little more bright!!

A stormy day at Kure Beach!

 Once we realized that the rain wasn't going to let up til the late afternoon, we decided to go do one of Hensley's favorite things....bowling!!!  We once again met up with our friends Brian and Kim and we had a blast inside away from the rain. 

Surprisingly the rain stopped for a few hours and we soaked up every second at the pool :) 

 Since the weather let up for a bit we decided to eat dinner at one of our favorite places in Kure Beach called Jack Mackerels. It was so nice out we ate on the roof top and went for a walk on the pier :)

The storm made for an amazing sunset view on a walk back from the beach :)

Of course the rain returned with a vengeance and we spent Friday night inside watching movies, playing with new toys won from the arcade and making silly faces with my sweet boy :) 

One more quick dip before the night was over 

The next day was our last full day at the beach but unfortunately the storm was not letting up it was actually getting worse and after spending all morning inside we decided around 1 pm to head home. As much as we love being at the beach it's no fun being stuck inside. We were missing our pups and going a little stir crazy. Since the storm was suppose to last several days we reluctantly decided to end our trip early and go home :(

This year was so fun. There is nothing like going away from it all back at home and spending the days with my two favorite guys. We soak up the sun, relax and enjoy each other and each year the memories become more special to me. I love these vacations every year and even though the rain tried to damper our spirits it did not succeed. We loved being with each other. Nothing is better. Until next time :)


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