Friday, September 26, 2014

Beach Trip Round 2 2014

Beach trip....round 2.....what??!!! We were extremely blessed this year to have two vacations. Our first beach trip this year to Kure beach (which you can see here) was a blast and we were so excited when our friends, The Williams' family, wanted to go for the first time AND wanted us to tag along.

We were going for a little mini vacation just staying for the weekend but we were also there for a very special event!!! Sweet baby Zoey was turning 1 :) We headed out early Friday morning and we were all set for a super fun weekend :)

We arrived early Friday afternoon and checked in to our favorite little place, in our favorite room, with our favorite people. We were off to the pool and vacation has officially begun. We spent our first day playing in the pool and hot tub and exploring on the beach.

Soon it was time to clean up and head out to an awesome Mexican restaurant with our friends and really celebrate little Zoey :)  

There is nothing better then this place. 

Instead of traditional birthday cake (which she will have a week later at her official party) they decided on a Hersey Pie. It was EPIC :)

Birthday Girl! We love you Zoey. You are like one of our own and we can't wait to see what amazing things you'll do in this life.

After some cake  PIE smashing and lots of laughs we headed to the pier :)

There two were adorable holding hands and talking about the beach.

Day one was over and it was perfect :) 

The next morning was RAINY!!! BOOO!!! We are so over rain at the beach. We went to breakfast, shopped a little and prayed for a rain free afternoon. 

Our prayers were answered :) 

We headed to the Fort Fisher Aquarium because our friends had never been and it was really overcast outside. It was crowded but very fun :) 

We had a ton of fun :) 

We spent some of the afternoon at the pool and later that night we went to our favorite seafood restaurant, Big Daddy's and ate until we couldn't move. Then the boys went fishing on the pier while Emily and I enjoyed some down time. We ventured out later to the boardwalk, the arcade and the best doughnuts in the world, Britt's!!!  

I took a little walk with my favorite boy to the pier to see Daddy. It was just us two and it was perfect.

The next morning we were set to hit the road and get back home. It was an awesome little mini vacation and we couldn't have asked for better friends to spend it with ;) :) Looking forward to our next adventure with the Williams' family.

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