Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our Adventure To Hanging Rock State Park

This summer we had several things we wanted to do but one that topped our list was a day trip. Heading out to somewhere we had never been to explore. A little mini road trip! After a little research and realizing we had a fabulous place right near our house it was decided....we were off to Hanging Rock State Park!!!

Unfortunately Andy had to work and we almost didn't go because of that but after a quick text my friend Jill, she was in for the adventure and the plan went on :)

It is only 45 minutes from our house and was packed full of fun for all ages. The pictures online were amazing! It had tons of trails, lots of wildlife and lots and lots of natural waterfalls!!!! We packed a backpack and a cooler full of drinks and snacks, swooped Jill up and we three were off for our road trip!!

It was a beautiful Sunday with a high in the mid 80's and a cloudy day. We headed out a little before lunch and the drive up was wonderful. We chatted, listened to music, and took in the scenery. It got more and more beautiful the closer we got to the mountain. We stopped for a quick pit stop to eat lunch at Bojangles (Hensley's new favorite spot) and a bathroom break.

Off to the mountain. Neither Hensley or I had ever been to a mountain of any kind so it was very exciting to be driving to the top and it was soooooooo pretty!

We started off at the Visitor Center because we had no idea where to begin (I mean the park is only 7,014 acres large!!) He told us some great beginner trails to start with and to see all the awesome waterfalls. The first trail was the Upper Cascades and at 0.3 miles long it was a perfect start with lots of trees shading our way and a beautiful water fall at the end!!

It was so awesome down there. The water was so cool!!! We had never seen a waterfall before in person it was really really beautiful. The water was crystal clear. We spent a long time here looking for pretty colored rocks in the water and getting soaking wet :) It was a very relaxing and awesome place to hang out. We could have just stayed in this one spot all day! 

Out next destination was a short drive away to the Lower Cascades. It was a little farther down the mountain then the Upper Cascades and the trail was only .4 miles BUT it was a long way down and the steps were a definite workout. The waterfall here was so different from the first it was huge and had a place to climb up and slide down the side. It was stunning. Pictures really do not do it justice at all. The pool at the bottom of the waterfall was a lot deeper too and perfect for swimming with the family :) 

On the trail down to the waterfall.

Looking up :) 

This place was really magical and so relaxing. 

We also explored so pretty cool caves. 

Checking out a frog :) 

If you are ever in the area or have the chance to visit, Hanging Rock State Park is an awesome place to be. It's an adventure you'll never forget. Next time I plan to see Window Falls and take the longer trail up to the actual hanging rock. I can't wait :) See you soon :) 

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