Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Land of the Free Home of the Brave!!

Happy 4th of July folks!!!

This year for the 4th we were happy to have one thing different from last year.....DADDY WAS HOME!!!!

We took it easy this year. We didn't head down town or out for the whole day we just enjoyed time together, cleaned the house, played some video games and grilled out with friends for the day time festivities.

We made burgers and hotdogs, ate a ton of watermelon and of course had red white and blue cupcakes ;) We kept it simple. We spent it with people we love so much. We had an amazing day :) 

We of course planned to see some fireworks so we decided to try a new adventure and go to place we had never been. I love traditions and I love keeping things the same from year to year but it seems on the 4th of July our tradition seems to be to try something new each year, and I like that tradition, A LOT!

We headed to a park in High Point, NC to an annual event called The Uncle Sam Jam! It lived up to all I had heard about it :)

 The event was very laid back but they did have bounce houses!!!!!

There is something about having someone in your life that you know when they are with your child they will 100 percent treat them just as their own. I love her for that and many many other reasons. 

This park was absolutely beautiful and the weather for the 4th of July this year was amazing! 

Hensley was so excited for this day :) 

I so wish little Zoey would have turned around for me and smiled and I just love this picture of her and her little blonde curls. 

The boys played ball in the beautiful evening light ;) 

There was a huge lake right next to where we were sitting.....enough said!!!

They couldn't get to that water fast enough!!

Little side note: I snapped this picture of my sweet friend Emily and her two amazing kids. I have a lot of friends who are mothers at this point in my life, in fact most of my friends are mothers. And as mothers we all connect on that level but of all the mothers I know and spend time with I feel like she is one the who always understands and who can be counted on for 100 percent honesty when I ask her opinion. Every mother is different in how they raise their children and I feel like Emily and I mother our children very similarly. I feel like we both look at our children in the same way and I am so thankful for her and the friendship we have developed. I love talking to her and planning things for our kids. I love seeing her interact with her two children and how close of a bond she builds daily with them. I am thankful for her and thankful for the connection we both share with our babies :) 

Ok I back to our regularly scheduled blog! 

The sun started setting quick and we were all more then ready to grab a slice of pizza and a funnel cake and enjoy the fireworks :) 

I couldn't get over how beautiful the evening was!!

The day was perfect :) I can't wait to see where next 4th of July takes us :) 

I took this picture by the lake that day I can't wait to print it and frame it. I am in love with this :) 

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