Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

It's Fall and we are thoroughly excited! The house is all decorated we have the visit the pumpkin patch under our belt and we are on the way to getting Hensley's costume this week in preparation for a trunk or treat event this weekend with some friends.

At our home we love all things Fall and all things Halloween! We stick pumpkins everywhere possible. Hanging spider webs from everything that will sit still and look forward for week to the night of dressing up and trick or treating!

We headed to the pumpkin patch with some friends of ours and their kids last weekend and we had a blast....besides the fact that was 90 degrees!!! Seriously?! Last year we were all in sweaters and jeans and this year it was shorts and flip flops!

We had my niece Brooke over for the weekend also for a little sleepover so she joined in on the fun too :)

We always go to Razz Tazz farm in nearby Gibsonville as a family tradition :) You can see last year's visit here.

This is pure joy :) 

There was a cow train!!!

This day was so much fun and I am so glad we have this little special place to carry out our yearly tradition :)

I know there will come a day where Hensley will not think this little farm is "cool" anymore but until that time we are going to enjoy every fall here :)

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

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