Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Winston Salem Air Show 2013

A few weeks ago we headed off to near by Winston Salem to check out their yearly air show at the airport there. It was unusually hot but we had a great time checking out some awesome air planes, eating yummy (overpriced) food, playing on the bounce houses and watching the amazing tricks the pilots did in the super fast jets!!!

It was a great little family outing!!!

I didn't take a ton of photos because I took several videos, but this day was just so nice. It was absolutely amazing what those pilots can do with airplanes. I can't imagine the courage (or stomach) it takes to take on that job. We literally couldn't take our eyes off of it! On the way out I just thought about how Hensley is at the age where these little day trips that last all day are not so hard anymore. He has grown up so much over the past year and we are at a place where we can do more things that entertain us all instead of just kid centered events. He was a trooper with all the walking. The waiting in between the different airplanes. The hot day. It went by so smoothly. There is nothing better then just packing up in the morning, loading the car, and heading out with my little family. And if you have been reading the blog long you'll know we go back and forth with having another child or not and this day made my heart feel so full, and so thankful that we are no longer in the baby stage and that for now (maybe for just this week) I am very content with our little family :) It's perfect! 

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