Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thankful for so many Blessings!

This weekend we did something we have been doing for a couple of months now....We spent some time with our friends The Williams'. Emily, her husband Chad, and their two little ones Gavin and Zoey have been a big part of our lives lately and really felt the need to document how thankful we are as a family for this blessing.

I have known Emily for a long long time. We met in elementary school and then both ironically moved to the same city before middle school and met back up. We were friends in high school but never super close we always got along and hung out in the same circle of friends. She was always super funny and sweet and still is that same warm and fun person to this day.

We recently were reconnected through social media as so many people are these days and it has been more of a blessing then I could ever imagine. We attended each others kids birthday parties and I quickly realized that this little family was very similar to ours. They are a very laid back and easy going family who love to have fun and posses all the qualities we want to surround ourselves with.

We have spent many weekends with these guys lately and it's been a huge breath of fresh air. Since this time last year I personally have been praying for God to lead us to people that represent what he knows we need in our lives and people who will lift us up, encourage us, be good for our family, and bring joy and laughter into our lives. A big lesson I think a lot of us learn after high school and college

This family has been all that and more. We have grown to love them in such a short amount of time. It is so hard in this world today to find "good" people. Meaning people with morals, who love, who truly care, who want the best for others, who can be trusted and counted on, and who are just fun to be around and who are REAL. We quickly became so comfortable with The Williams family and each of my family members connected with one of theirs. It's a struggle to keep in touch with friends from school when we all go in different directions. It's always nice to find "friends" through our children's school or activities but most of those "friends" rarely develop into more then just acquaintances. To find people in this world who you connect with has become harder and harder.

We have shared many long talks and laughs with them already and look forward to so so much more. Our boys are extremely close in age (3 and 4) and get along beautifully. It's been great to be over at each other's home and hear them laughing and playing. I have been able to keep my baby fever satisfied by cuddling their beautiful baby girl Zoey. An even bigger blessing was to see my husband connect with someone who is so much like him.

With us mom's we tend to open up more and come into more situations where we have opportunities to talk with other women and mom's at play dates, after-school activities, and preschool. Father's don't tend to have as many of those opportunities. With working long hours and making time for family on the weekends it's not only harder to meet other fathers who they connect with but to also make time to devote to those relationships. It's been amazing to see him get to have that time with another father who also works hard and loves his family. It's been great for Andy.

We are so thankful for the relationships that are building and the time we get with this beautiful family. God answers prayers and we are so grateful for this one being answered at this time in our lives.

Times spent together, watching our babies grow and laugh, making memories, being comfortable, feeling loved, sharing meals and special moments are what we look forward to sharing with the Williams Family.

We are truly blessed to have a lot of amazing people in our lives like our close knit neighbors, all our family close by and friends who love us and love Hensley.

This weekends activities included a great Halloween party at Gavin's preschool that we were invited to, lunch with our dear friends, and an evening of long talks, holding a beautiful baby girl, and crafting.

Friday Andy had an unexpected day off :) It doesn't happen often and it was awesome :)

Friday Night:

Never too early for Christmas pj's right?!

Christmas pj's and Halloween cookies :) 

Saturday (aka FUNDAY as Hensley calls it):  It rained so the outdoor Halloween festival was indoors and it was still an absolute blast! I think Hensley and Gavin would have stayed all day if they could!

Lunch at Steak n' Shake :) Burgers and Milkshakes :) 

My crazy DSLR camera died after one photo so I had to rely on my cell phone...in the rain. But the pictures still turned out super cute :)

Sunday was spent cleaning, relaxing, snuggling, video gaming, and quality time :)

OH! And Hensley slept til' 10 am!!!!

OH! And someone got a new sweater :) I can't get over the cuteness overload! 

Have a good week! :) 

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