Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let's play catch up shall we?

With all the recent events and struggles there have been a lot of really great things happening that I have failed to bring up. So we'll play a little game of catch up.

I posted a lot about school starting and how amazing it's been going but I haven't shared those "first day of school" pics :) There you go.....

Day 2 :)
1st day of 2012

You didn't expect just one photo did you?!!?! 

We also went to the rodeo with some friends recently and had a blast. It was a first for all of us and it was something we will be doing again. It was Hensley, myself, Andy, my mom, our friend Jamie and his girlfriend Suzanna. We ate dinner before at out favorite family restaurant and then we were off ;) 

I have started reading a new book that I hear is amazing and makes you look at life in a new and different way. I feel like it's just what I need right now with the spiritual change I am undergoing and the path I am striving to lead each and everyday. Anyone else read it? Review to come soon :)

We have a new park near our house that has been open for a little less then a year but we only managed to make it to in the last weeks of summer. It's a pretty awesome park with a huge play ground many ponds and walking trails, and a SPLASH PAD! We enjoyed it a few times before it closed on Memorial Day and Hensley and I have been a few times to just walk around and play outside on the nice fall days :) 
This is going to be a weekly regular spot next summer! 

Speaking of Memorial Day, my mom's birthday falls on that day and we made this little gem! Simple, yet full of love! It's proudly displayed framed in her living room. 

This past weekend we had all the kids and we ventured out to a new bounce house in the area. We all love a bounce house!! Monkey Joe's has been open a few months and it's a very colorful, loud, fun filled place. Has all the standards of a regular bounce house place with the combinations of Chucky Cheese (they have games you play for tickets to cash in for prizes.) They also have the added feature of a large flat screen TV in the center of the building with couches and chairs for dads (let's face it mom's, while here we never would expect to be able to sit and watch TV) which is usually on football. They have computers for the older kids that allow them to play internet learning games. They had really thought of everything. They kids had a blast and fell asleep on the way home! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :) 

your caught up...for now! :) 

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