Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dear Hensley,

My Dear Hensley,
           Laying beside you on the couch tonight with your little spider man pajamas on with your blue monkey tucked under your arm and your blue blankie wrapped around you I think of the amazing blessings you have brought into my life and the person you have made me become.
          You amaze me with everything you do, say and create. In my eyes you are a miracle. You were brought to us in a time where we had given up hope. Where we had almost decided we weren't worthy of the blessing of a child. You made your appearance at the perfect time in our lives. In the past three years you have grown by leaps and bounds. You have overcome so many things like your speech and given up that beloved paci! You have excelled in so many things like walking at 9 months (who does that?!) and swimming at 3 (really?!), being an awesome tee ball player, and being the life of the party at preschool! You have blossomed from a shy little boy who only felt safe with Mommy to a Big Boy who will say "hello" to anyone and walks into children's church and preschool with a smile of confidence on your face.
          I pray daily for you and thank GOD so many times throughout the day for you. I pray we will raise you to know GOD and to love HIM and serve HIM. I pray that you will be happy, healthy and successful in everything you do. I pray we will raise you with kindness, love and integrity in your heart. I pray you will always ask GOD to continue to shape you and mold you into a better person. Never settle for anything less then the best in all aspects of your life. I pray that we raise you with strong roots and even stronger wings. I see you in church and at school and at home before bed saying those sweet little prayers. I pray that continues forever to be a part of your daily life. I hope we instill in you that GOD will forever be by your side and that me and daddy will as well. No matter what the situation or circumstance we are always by your side to lean on or to hold you up!
       You are such an amazing little person with such a BIG personality. I love every little freckle on your face (all 500 of them!). You are going through a phase right now where you just surprise me with all the things you notice and ask and talk about. You don't miss a beat. You are an amazing swimmer and being in the water is your passion! You love all things BOY like cars and trucks, bull riding, and dinosaurs. You would live outside if you could on your trampoline. You absolutely have no fear and your laugh is infectious! Those blue eyes light up any room! Toy Story, Nemo, and Backyardigans are always your favorites to watch on a lazy day.
        There are so many people in your life that you love and adore and who give that same unconditional love right back to you. I hope that these people will always be constants in your life and that you will always be able to rely on them and cherish them. You light up your Granny and PawPaw's lives as well as your great Grandma and great Paw Paw. Nothing makes them happier then seeing you walk in church on Sunday mornings!! You are always giving your Uncle Brandon a run for his money and keeping him on his toes! You have a countless amount friends that you run wild with and make memories often, but I must say your best friend is little Sophie. You two are so much alike and share hours of fun!
       I hope when you look back on these days (although your dad assures me you will remember none of all this) you'll only have good memories. Memories filled with days of laughter and fun with the sunshine on your face and your arms around my neck.



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