Sunday, April 15, 2012

Year #3

It was birthday party time in the Whitt household last Saturday and what a day it was. I usually stress out to the max over the birthday party for weeks (sometimes months!!) and through the whole party! But this year was a little different. Now I admit I stressed for weeks on end before the party. I usually already know after one birthday party what the next years theme will be and this year was no different. I had known for a while I was doing a baseball theme partly because it was insanely cute but also because Hensley loves baseball (playing and watching) and because he was soon going to be on his very first team!

For weeks I bought decorations, made crafts, thought of cake ideas, and planned planned planned. Every year so far we have had Hensley's party at Hagan Stone Park which is a great park in Pleasant Garden, with a great picnic area and grills and playgrounds for the kids. One problem....his birthday is at a very unpredictable weather time here! The 1st birthday it was cold! :( The 2nd birthday was extremely windy :( So this year we took a different route and I am so glad we did. We held his party INSIDE at the Greensboro Children's Museum! It rained and rained and rained the night before so I was so thankful we switched it up this year. It took me all over 20 minutes to set up the party room and we decided to order pizza (which is also a switch up from years past where we put alot of time and effort into grilling out hotdogs). 20 minutes of set up time and a phone call to the pizza place and we were free to play, take photos, and chat with our family and friends! It was a very good change! 

We had an out pour of friends and family come like every year and it was a blast! The amount of gifts he gets every year is absolutely ridiculous and he loves every minute. 

special birthday shirt :) 

very excited to be 3!

gotta have popcorn at a baseball party

table decorations :) 


sucker ball centerpiece 


so cute 

all ready for our guests!

the perfect cake :)

Hensley and his Granny


Party time!

His first BIKE!



Couldn't find Hensley...he was in the library reading with Granny!

blowing out the candles 


present time!!

we are so thankful for everyone being so generous to Hensley! he got so many gifts!

my boy 

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