Friday, April 20, 2012

Starter Ball = LOVE

It's Ball Season! :) This is Hensley's first season of "starter ball' (aka tee ball). As much as he loves baseball (hence the birthday these!) we were VERY excited to sign him up to play with Level Cross Association. The recreation ball program near us would only allow kids his age play soccer plus Level Cross has an amazing organization and he would play with kids he attends preschool with! It just seemed like a perfect fit.

Now at registration there was a little box on the sign up sheet to check if you would like to "help" with the team so of course if you know me ...i checked that box!!! we got a surprise a few weeks before season started that Andy was going to be THE COACH for Hensley's team! After the initial shock and anxiety (and 1st game) Andy really loves it and does a great job. I think it's been a better experience for him then Hensley!

The first game was a huge shock to Hensley he really had no idea what he was walking into was was cold...and he was getting a cold. SO.....he cried and insisted he be held the entire first game :/ But he was there he was in uniform and he did watch a little bit :)

Always find a positive :)

On to game 2 last week....He didn't cry! Positive! He did practice throwing the ball a little! Positive! playing! He did however thoroughly enjoy sitting in the dugout eating Funonions and playing in the dirt! :) Which is perfectly fine by me! :)  We hope as the week progress that he will warm up to it a little more each week.

But until then I am happy to watch him just play in the dirt :)

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