Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A time to be Thankful!

November was a beautiful month! It was full and the weather was gorgeous! Here is what we were up to! 

One of the many many reasons I love Hensley's school is the computer lab time twice a week. They have learned so much from the beginning of they year. Technology is such a huge part of our everyday lives now and I love that his school recognizes that and allows them the time to learn and get familiar with the computer and the internet. Hensley loves that his teacher allows him to play games on some learning websites and with her sweet kind heart she even bought all the kids in his class a paid subscription to SumDog so they can play all the games available.

This month Hensley learned to blow a bubble! He worked and worked and worked at it and finally.... A BUBBLE!!!!!! He has been blowing bubbles non stop ever since! 

In early November Hensley's teacher put up this bulletin board in the hallway. It was an amazing idea of having the kids write what they were thankful for and inviting everyone else in the school to stop by and write one for themselves. When they had done so they could put it in the finished spot on the board and she would staple it to the turkey. It was really incrediable to see it in the end and just how full it was of all the students and a lot of the staff writing what they were thankful for throughout the month. I just love the whole idea of getting everyone involved!!!! 

When I saw what Hensley wrote...I melted!

When I looked over his homework one evening....I also melted! He has to write a sentence with each one of his spelling words. He speaks the truth :) 

Hensley has recently really been loving the dogs. He is playing with him, loving on them, and they are returning the favor by keeping him warm and cuddly at night! 

We spent an evening over at my mom and dad's when they were in town. We ate dinner, played games and Hensley practiced shooting his gun! My aunt and uncle came over too which is always an adventure! My aunt Donna is a riot and Hensley loves her! 

Here are some videos we shot that day on my phone. 

Our Panther's are still going strong and Hensley wears his jersey as much as possible. 

This how Andy watches the game most Sunday's! On edge much?

My mom came over one day and even though she wasn't feeling the best she helped us clean up the yard :) 

Since Hensley had been practicing with his gun he and his Pawpaw decided to go out hunting one more...at 6 AM! He even had his very own tree stand set up close to the house on the edge of the woods. We knew he wouldn't last long but we were glad he gave it a shot. He last about 6 minutes!!

Pawpaw and Granny even bought him a hunting jacket :) He looked very official!

It was very early and still a little dark but I tried to snap a few pics of him on his way into the woods. 

Our very sweet neighbor shot a deer and let Hensley check it out up close and even let him tag along to skin it. It was a great experience for Hensley and he loved getting to touch it and check it all out.

Here is some super cute art work Hensley did this month at school. I love how they keep everything so creative and let the kids make it their own!

They did this project for Veteran's Day and first off love that Hensley made his camo! And second I love that he not only remembers that we went to the battleship but that he felt the need to tell everyone :) 

One afternoon I had an appointment so my Mom and Dad were picking Hensley up from school. And in true Granny and Pawpaw fashion they had to do it a little different! They picked him up in the RV and he LOVED IT!!! It was probably the best day ever!!

Soon it was time for Fall break at school and we celebrated a early Thanksgiving by having another epic party at school. We even had a photo booth!

How cute are these place settings!

Playing a little Thanksgiving bingo!

 All the kids had a great time!!!

 Andy had a root canal a few months back in order to try and save a tooth. All that time and money later and he still had to have it pulled this month :/ 

These two bums are all about lounging on the couch!

One evening we spent at our friend's house relaxing and hanging out with each other. We got to enjoy this beautiful sunset and if you look really close there are three deer at the wood line :) 

It was also time to pull out the turkey wreath! 

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our families at my Grandpa's house this year and it was really nice and it took a lot of pressure off me to have my house clean :) 

My mom and I shared a toast once everyone was outside after lunch :) It was an amazing day!

 This kid really needed a hair cut this month!!!!


And he got a black eye. Trampolines are dangerous but so much fun! 

It was a fabulous month and our hearts are full so full. We have so much to be thankful for and we try daily to remember the little things. Focusing on family and our relationship with God on a day to day basis has really made a huge change in our lives over the past year. Now with that said.....it's time to get ready for Christmas!!!!!! 

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