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October 2015 Fun and Halloween!

This month was packed full of fun stuff so here goes!!!

I found this old video of Hensley in 2013 and I had to share it. I love his little voice :) 
October was so fun and busy! 
Here goes! 

I completed my course for substitute teaching and I am excited to be working a little here and there at Hensley's school.  

Remember our little kitty that was around during the summer? Well when the weather started getting colder he started coming around more and he has officially moved in! He has a food bowl, a blanket and lot of toys and the dogs are really warming up to him! He is such a sweetie and we are thankful to have him as a part of our family. 

Hensley has a new obsession.....MONOPOLY! He wants to play it all the time! Which wouldn't be a problem but it just takes SO SO SO long to play. He is pretty good though and we spend a lot of weekend afternoons playing :) He has even got MawMaw sucked in to playing and we spent a Sunday afternoon playing with her and laughing so so hard!!!

Seen these at the store and had to get them! It really is starting to feel like Fall!!!

Andy had to go out of town briefly and since he hasn't been out of town for a while we needed a family date night and we had so much fun. We shopped a little, walked around at the out door mall and had dinner at our favorite place :) 

Every morning after breakfast before he gets dressed Hensley will cuddle up in my lap for a few minutes. Every time I tell him I wish I could sit here and hold him all day. In which he responds, "Well you can! We can just skip school and sit here all day!"

We took in a movie as a family one Saturday and it was one that Hensley has wanted to see forever. He has been obsessed with watching Hotel Transylvania and when he saw the second was coming out he couldn't wait. It was super funny!!! 

With Hensley's new school schedule we got to experience our second academic break this month and it was great! It was beautiful weather so we got outside a lot and even organized a little outing to Backyard Paradise with some school friends! Hensley also got to invite his friend Noah D. over to have some fun one afternoon. One day during break we went to a new place in Burlington where kids can paint, create, and have fun at their own pace. He seen this painting on the wall and really wanted to recreate it. It was not without tears or frustration but we got it done with the help of the wonderful lady who worked there. His obsession to have things perfect back fires on him sometimes and this was on of those times. But we walked away with a smile and a painting he was so happy with. 

Fall allergies had this little boy with watery eyes and the sniffles a lot this month! :(

But he didn't let it slow him down too much. The weather this month was incredible and we took advantage of it as much as we could!

We spent a Saturday afternoon cleaning up our yard and Daddy's truck and we came across this little snail. Hensley was really fascinated with him and the slimy trail he left behind him. 

Hensley wasn't feeling good again this month. There are a lot of germs floating around at school! He did test positive for strep again this time but we are pros at this now and he was feeling better with Daddy being home!!

After some meds and some lunch that day we passed by a fall festival at the church up the street from our house and Hensley really wanted to stop because there was a HUGE rock wall to climb. There was bull riding and inflatable but Hensley was really just interested in the rock wall!

Granny stopped by too!

He didn't last long here before the little bit of energy was gone and we went home to veg out on the couch! 

Andy has had the pleasure of having Friday's off for a few months now and we decided to grab Hensley out of school early and go Halloween costume shopping! He has been going back and forth between football zombie and Yoshi! Hint!!! He didn't choose either one!!!

On a super sad note.....our little fish died :( And what is even sadder is that each morning I check my Timehop app which shows what I posted on social media in past years on the same day and that morning I had seen that on this day was the day we bought the fish and then .... he saw he was dead 
;( He lived exactly one year. I guess that pretty normal in fish years but we were sad! We buried him front yard next to our angel statue. RIP Little Nemo

Hensley got a bow and arrow last year for his birthday from his PawPaw and he hasn't really got it out and worked with him too much. So one weekend when the weather was nice we headed out, bought a target and did some back yard training with his bow and arrow. He did really well! 

The weekend before Halloween last year we to a new event at Quaker Lake. They held a fall festival with lots of games, inflatable, pumpkin painting, fire trucks, pumpkin smashing, and music. We went with some friends and it was a ton of fun and all FREE which makes it even more fun, right?! We decided we couldn't miss it and went again this year! It didn't disappoint. 

Pumpkin smash is always a hit!

As you play the games they have (and they have a lot) the kids get silly bands for each one they play. At the end you can either keep them or cash them in for other prizes! The boys had a blast and got whoopee cushions, mustache whistles and candy!   

One thing Hensley has never ever been a fan of (or done) is face painting. I don't know what his aversion was to it but he just has never liked it. This year he wanted to give it a try and he liked it so much he got TWO! 

With October always comes Andy and my anniversary. It's been 7 years!! It's weird because it feels like we have been together so much more longer then that and at the same time it feels like we got married yesterday. Marriage is a  tough thing, it bring the most happy and exciting times as well as some of the most frustrating and hard ones too. We have grown a tremendous amount in the last 7 years and so has our relationship. Andy is my best friend and I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else. I feel like in the last year we have really found a good balance and a happy medium with each other and it's been one of our best years yet! 

Andy had been wanting a realyl cool fire pit for a long time so for our anniversary I got him a really cool one with a Carolina Panthers logo on one side and a rebel flag on the other....two of his favorite things!

His class had a party at school the Friday before Halloween. The other class room mom did amazing job planning it and we all came together to make it really great for the kids. I was in charge of a game during the party so I did not get to take many photos but here are a few that I got.

And the best photo of the day is this one! The look on Hensley's face when he saw all the decor and games set up is priceless!

Here are the treat bags we made for the kids! I made the same ones last year and they were hit so I decided it was easy enough to do again! 

The homemade slime by Casey was a great party gift for the kids! Hensley loved putting it in the little cup and making fart noises with it all the way home!!!!  All boy!

It should go without saying that we carved pumpkins. It just wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't! The pumpkins we got his year were very very HARD and it made them very hard to cut so we didn't do anything too detailed! Just a cute little face!

 We used fake fingernails 
for the teeth. A little trick I learned from Martha Stewart!

 A "just because" super cute photo of Hensley from this month!

Our little friend Max is still around and doesn't miss a meal or a cuddle :) 

 Our rides to school have been exceptionally beautiful this month!

Now on to Halloween!!! It was super fun this year. We went to the same community we always do. They always have a lot of people handing out candy and it's not too busy! 

The guys dressed up this year! 

We even dressed up the dogs. We ended up with a Master Chief from Halo, a scary mask guy, a dinosaur, and a witch.  

Hensley saw this costume and fell in love. He loves all things video games and he loves Halo. This was a perfect costume for him!

Little Gavin was an army guy and Zoey was a carebear (her favorite. We ate at Steak n' Shake and headed out to trick or treat! The kids racked up as always!

Here are just some random photos from the month. It was super busy as you can see but so so fun. Fall is always a busy time with lots of event going on and with the beautiful weather we had it was nice to get out and enjoy it and make new memories! 

Hensley's costume for school!

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