Thursday, December 4, 2014

October Schenanigans

Our favorite month of the year has arrived :) It's officially October! Time for fall leaves, pumpkins everywhere, hay rides, and Halloween :) There seems to be so many events going on this month and so little time to do them all!! We couldn't get to everything we wanted to do even though we tried. Here are some of our adventures :)

We started early this year (it was technically the last weekend in September SHHHH!). We visited a local pumpkin patch/corn maize. It was super fun!!

We jumped on a giant jumping pillow, rode a cow train, picked out some pumpkins and went gem mining :) The kids loved every minute of it!

 Then it was off to the pumpking patch and the cow train ride :)

How adorable is little Zoey?

The Williams' family

It was so fun and it put us in the spirit of October and all that it brings even more :)

Later in the month we headed out to a local fall festival at a Quaker Church in our area. This was a new experience for us and it was SO FUN! I actually didn't even get to take too many pictures because we were having such a blast.

They had a ton of games, infaltables, a pumpkin smash, local vendors and crafts and pumpkin painting :) 

Sorry for the phone photos but I wasn't in the mood to carry to my camera :)


The kids loved it and it was really just a great day of fun. I think it is something  we will really try to go to again in the future. 

The weekend before Halloween we decided to visit the Boo at the Zoo event at our local zoo. We had not been to the zoo in a long time and figure it would be fun to check it out on a cool fall day. The kids got to wear their costumes, play some games, and get some candy :) 

Hensley hadn't been feeling well the few days before the trip so we got a stroller to cart him around.

It was a beautiful day!

The Williams Family :)

Wonder Woman just looking to save the day.

A pit stop for ice cream :)
We enjoyed a 4D show, the fresh air and time with the ones we love :) I love Fall :) Next up Halloween :) 

Here are a few random Instagram photos from the month of October .....

Hensley has been playing hard every evening with friends and it shows at bed time

Hensley has been asking for a I introduce you to Memo (rhymes with Nemo)

Because of the time change we have been experiencing some pretty awesome morning rides to school :)

It's beginning to look a lot like fall!

We had parent/teacher conferences this month and we learned Hensley is doing amazing at school. All the students had written papers about their heros and while most little girls said "mommy" I was surprised by the fact that Hensley was the only boy who didn't say a fireman or police officer. He said his daddy and the reason he did is precious!

We made it to the park on a really warm day! It was awesome!

These two little ladies :)

Andy has had several Friday's off this month and I am very thankful for the extra time with him : )

Hensley had school pictures this month and I love them :)  (sorry for the quality of it, its a picture of a picture)

This month was Katelynn's birthday, a little girl who is very special to us. I was so honored to take the pictures for her :) 

We went looking for Halloween masks....this fit Andy perfectly ;)

I ate lunch outside one afternoon while Hensley was in school and it was beautiful!

Hensley and I both needed a personal day so....since it was a half day at school we played hookie and made muffins :)

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