Thursday, December 4, 2014

Go Hensley Go!!!!

This fall we took on a new adventure.....flag football. Totally unknown territory for us. I personally know nothing about football but Hensley has wanted to play for a while now and he finally hit the right age. We learned that a nearby town was having sign ups for flag football and off we went :) I was a little worried about it being two nights a week since Hensley was still getting adjusted to the kindergarten schedule, but we decided to give it a try.

The first few practices were very funny to watch. All the kids there were new and inexperienced in football so for a while it was just 10 kids going all over the field trying there best to grab a flag or a football :)

Hensley ended up on the Steelers team with Coach Adam and Coach Britt. There were several mom's on the team who were amazing from start to finish this season with keeping the kids in line, keeping up with who's turn it was to sit out, and generally make the overall experience more organized and fun. Each Tuesday and Thursday night for the first few weeks we headed out to Moricle Field in Gibsonville and practiced. They worked on throwing the ball, catching the ball, running laps, doing drills, and blocking.

After several weeks it was time for the games to begin. There were four teams total so each week we took turns rotating and playing each one.

Getting ready for the play


Hensley learned so much about football from his coaches and it was so fun to watch him :) I am SO excited to see him play again next fall. His football loving Daddy is really hoping he loves the sport as much as he does :)

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