Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Update on the Bumps in Road

A little update on this bump in road......Mom's first chemo treatment was no "bump". It was more like a massive jagged boulder in the road that took 7 hours to move. Her port that she had implanted did not want to work properly so her 4 hour chemo treatment turned into a 7 hour ordeal. It was a long stressful day for her and my dad.

Seven hours of treatment later and she still faced having to wear a pump home for 48 hours to continue the second type chemo she will be receiving. It was a long hard weekend for her and caused a lot of soreness, aches, and nausea. We are all hoping the next 11 treatments are not like this one at all!

Come Monday morning it was time yet again for doctors appointments. Nutritionist, radiation and labs. It's a never ending cycle. Radiation was something that was casually talked about with the initial meeting with her cancer doctor and we weren't really sure if she would need any or how much. We were a little taken back by her radiation doctor. (He has worms :) UUUMMMM!!! inside joke for my mom and I) He was very vague and seem to repeat the same information over and over again. We were absolutely stunned when he told us she needs radiation every day, Monday through Friday, for five weeks. It seemed like a lot but after some of our own research we understood that it can be very common. The side effects of it seem very mild compared to the chemo. It's def going to be hard and very trying time. Every day is A LOT! Her and I have had several talks about her getting strong mentally in order to get better physically. She has a lot of stuff to let go from losing my Grandma and I think she realizes that now and is a little better prepared mentally since the first chemo is behind her.

There is still so much uncertainty an a long road ahead with many more bumps, but we are ready to strap our seat belts on a little tighter and face each bump along the way :)

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