Sunday, June 8, 2014

10 Things about Hensley Right Now!

I have always wrote monthly on the calendar about the things that you love, your favorite foods at the moment, activities we have done that you enjoyed, etc. Just to keep up with your current likes and dislikes since they are changing all the time. Its been fun to keep up with it and to go back and look at the calendars over time to see how things have changed. And plus we forget the "little things" without writing them down.

So something I thought I could start doing here on the blog was to periodically record your new likes and in your case obsessed (I say this because when you love something you really LOVE it).

Here goes :)

1. You are SO SO OBSESSED with Mario and everything that goes along with it. You love to watch it on YouTube, playing any game that includes Mario and playing with your plush Mario and Luigi. They go everywhere with you, even to school (you hide them in your backpack :)). You will wear your Mario suit you wore on Halloween ALL THE TIME!

2. Lego's are HUGE here right now. Building massive Lego sets, collecting mini figures (Your absolute favorite), going to see the Lego movie, and this weekend we are headed to LegoFest!!!! It's going to be a blast. It's so fun to hang out with you and do these Lego projects and see your imagination come out :)

3. You went through a HUGE growth spurt over the past 2 or 3 months. I am mean you literally would wear a pair of jeans to school one day and a week later they were 2 inches too short!! SERIOUSLY?! I am glad shorts weather is coming soon because your legs are getting SO long!!! I actually had a dream several weeks ago about you and in my dream you were all grown up. Same sweet freckles. Same beautiful blue eyes. But you were so incredibly tall!!! It was really surreal.  Anyways, stop growing!!!! Just kidding ;) It's very much bittersweet.

4. Ok so while I was doing this post you asked what I was writing about. When I explained that I was writing a list about you. You quickly responded:
I play with monster trucks.
I love to play in the snow with my friends.
My favorite food is lettuce, broccoli (SORT OF), celery, carrots, mushrooms and chocolate bars
My favorite color is blue.
My favorite show on tv is max and ruby, magic school bus, peppa pig and the Lorax.

You are very opinionated.

5. This is weird and very random but you love sandwiches. You request them all the time. Eat one everyday for lunch and love love love eating at Jimmy Johns. You have a very certain way you like your sandwich. Ham on first, cheese on second, lettuce on third, mayo on last. I have no idea where that came from but it's been like that since day one. It's pretty funny. We will see how long the sandwich kick lasts.

6. You are terrified of the dark and have been for a while. You won't even go into the bathroom without someone being near by to watch you turn on the light. I am sure this is just a phase but you currently use it to your advantage to not sleep in your bed!!!

7. By the way, you just flat out refuse to sleep in your bed. We have tried everything. We put up a new awesome loft bed with a slide!! Bought the comforter set you wanted. Bought endless night lights and dream lights. Nothing works. You are a cuddler and you just like to be next to us. It makes you sleep so much better. However the amount of space we have in our bed is shrinking with every inch you grow. It's a huge goal here to have you in your bed by the time school starts in the fall.

8. You are BOSSY! You have always liked things a certain way (your way) or else!! You love routine and things to stay in the same places. You are not a fan of change. We have adapted over time to know that you aren't going to sit in any chair to eat besides your green ones. You insist on having different silverware for each thing on your plate. The seat belt has to be just so in the car. The list goes on and on. We have learned your little quirks and your Dad finds it hilariously funny to do things out of the norm just to get a rise out of you. You have always been this way but as you get old more and more things seem to fall into the category of  "that's how Hensley likes it". You are very OCD about so much.....and bossy! You're friends know you are the boss and that's that. Hopefully that will change over time and be a phase you will outgrow but for now you control the games, you go first, no one is allowed to swing on the middle swing on the swing set, etc. You are quick to tell anyone that will listen that you are the BOSS!

9. Anything and everything that has to do with gun, zombies and Daddy are you favorite. You two play Call of Duty until your eyeballs hurt. You constantly have a toy gun or grenade in your hand and PawPaw recently let you shoot two of his real guns. I think come hunting season you will be so happy to venture out with Daddy and Pawpaw and see what it's all about.

10. Lastly you are independent. You are so ready for kindergarten. You have asked several times if you can ride the bus (not happening by the way). You are always telling us you are a big boy and that you can do it. I love that about you. I pretty much love everything about you :)

That's you for this moment anyway. :)

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