Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I LOVE MOTHER'S DAY!!!! What mother doesn't??!!!! This Mother's Day seemed to last a lot longer because Hensley brought home so many little gifts each day from school. With everything going on with my mom's health too I was extra excited to show her how thankful I was to have her here with us and at the same time it was sad because it was our first holiday without my Grandma. We missed her so much and it was very hard on my mom but we made it through it and made a special trip to her graveside.

Hensley made me so many beautiful gifts at school. This littler fill in the blank about me was hilarious. And the lavender hand soap they made was amazing!!

A few days before Mother's Day Andy took us to dinner at our favorite family restaurant. He told me at dinner he wanted to make a stop on the way home and pick up my gift. Side note: Andy never prepares ahead of time for these things so I was very impressed! 

I was totally surprised when we walked in Sears and straight to this beauty :) I have wanted one for so long.

I woke up early with this little cutie and I am most grateful that he made me a mother :) It's the best gift of all. 

On Mother's day we attended church with my family and we gave my mom her gifts ;) I made her some amazing coasters with pictures of Hensley and my grandma on them. We also got her an Origami Owl necklace with our birthstones inside ;) She loved all of it!!!

We made a stop on the way to church to visit my Grandma's graveside and replace the flowers on her headstone. We also placed some wind chimes in the trees right beside where she is buried. She always loved them! :) 

Hensley made me one last gift in children's church ;) 

We went out to lunch with my mom and Andy's mom which is a rare occasion. It was very nice to be able to sit down and enjoy some lunch and their company :) 

Mother's Day was great! One I will remember for a long time to come :) 

Thank you little Hensley for making me a mother ;)  

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