Friday, May 23, 2014

All good things must come to an end.

Four years ago we enrolled Hensley in the Wee Shine Preschool program and we blinked and graduation day is here! How? You always here the older you get the faster time flys by and when you have kids it goes even faster. Some how the trips back and forth to his school are over. Some how the afternoons sitting in the car rider line watching him play on the playground with his little friends are over. Some how this little perfect place with these amazing kids and incredible teachers who love him as their own are over!!!

I'll never forget the first day of school when Andy and I dropped him off kicking and screaming, and Hensley was pretty upset too! :) He cried and clung to me every single morning for weeks, maybe even months. We wondered several times if we started him to early or if it was cruel to leave him this way every morning. However his teachers loved him. They loved him so much. I had never felt so comfortable leaving Hensley with someone until Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Sharon. They were so amazing and kind. By the end of the year Hensley was a different kid. He was more outgoing, independent and sociable. He still had a lot of growing to do but he reached so many goals and made huge accomplishments in such a short time.

So here we are. At the end. The school parties are over. The days of pushing each other on the tricycles in the adorable little playground are no more. It's time to move on. To face the next adventure. But first.......we celebrate!

We took Hensley out for a celebration dinner at his choice place and he chose Cracker Barrel! We had a few gifts for him and I couldn't wait to see his face :) 

Hensley has been asking for an airsoft gun and since he loves zombies so much we got him a zombie one with a zombie target! He loved it so much!

I am so proud of this boy. 

Then we were off to the church! We planned to get there early to take a lot of pictures with everyone who came to celebrate this great accomplishment....and get perfect seats :) 


Another gift before the ceremony! Thanks Hayes Family. 

Time for the ceremony :) 

Getting his diploma :)

I think the kids favorite part of the program was the last song they sang, "Hey Hey Hey Goodbye"! They sand their little hearts out!!

Everyone was so proud of him. Proudest day for me as a mom so far :) And I was pretty proud of myself too because, I didn't cry!! :)

One more gift this one was his favorite from Uncle Brandon :) 

There was a beautiful reception afterwards and it was nice to sit down, eat cake and fellowship with all this classmates and their parents one last time. Our little ones ran around the gym playing chase just like they had so many times before at the annual Thanksgiving luncheons and at the Fall Festivals. It was nice bring it all full circle. 

Each year he has grown and made new friends and every single year we were more in love with the school and the program. The teachers were always so incredible. Never once did we worry about him while he was at school. My son's life will forever be changed by this school and the people in it. No amount of thank you cards or gifts could ever let them know what they truly meant to us or how much they impacted his life. GOD always has a plan for us and ever since Hensley was born I have prayed that Hensley would be put on a path that would always make him a better person and surround him with people who love him and uplift him and those prayers were answered many times over during this time at Wee Shine. Time to start a new adventure, but first......It's SUMMER TIME!!!! :) 

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