Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day!

School's out! It's a SNOW DAY!! (well sort of) We got .4 inches and in North Carolina that's a snow day!  We did snow day things like make snow angels, have a snow ball fight, and have a little indoor campout :)

This snow was pure powder which we don't get often here. Usually its slush or rock solid. This was REAL snow and even though there wasn't much we had a great day :)

The boys wanted camp inside in the tent 

So we whipped up a quick little indoor campfire broke out the tent and grabbed some marshmallows :) They had a blast. 

Later they put on an awesome rock n' roll show for me ;) They can always be counted on for great entertainment :) 

It was a super fun day and we are all ready looking forward to a few more snow days and our trip to the mountains coming up ;) 

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