Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Elf on the Shelf 2013

It's that time of year again! BENNY'S BACK!!! Our Elf on the Shelf returning has been much anticipated in our house! We have all missed Benny and couldn't wait to see what predicaments he would get into this year! He arrived in full force this year!!!

Day 2: Being held hostage by the Lego bad guys

Day 3: Playing a little Angry Birds

Day 4: Benny got caught playing in the dog food. 

Day 5: Benny hanging out in the top of the tree (aka It was Dad's night to pick )

Day 6: Hensley had been feeling cruddy and the doctor put him on breathing treatments which he hated. Benny hoped he could help ease the process. 

Day 7: Benny wrapped the toilet ( which was no easy feat!)

Day 8: Benny TP'ed the tree

Day 9: Benny and Mario had a snowball fight 

Day 10: A little reminder for Hensley 

Day 11: Benny was inside Hensley's box of Christmas books reading a bed time story 

Day 12: Benny was giving Hensley a reminder of the real reason for the season. 

Day 13: If you know Hensley you know this Mario is very important to him and earlier this day his head fell off, which was a total tragedy. Benny glued it back on for him. 

Day 14: Benny decided to visit the crabs
Day 15: Benny made a snow man :) 

Day 16: Benny decided to swing from the door ;) Loved his glittery swing!

Day 17: Benny was getting a little loopy! Hensley thought this was hilarious! 

Day 18: The countdown has begun. 
Day 19: Benny knows oral hygiene is very important :) 

Day 20: Benny loves chocolate. 

Day 21: Benny set up a kissing booth. It was obviously very successful. 

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