Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time to plan....

I caught myself looking online a few days ago for birthday party stuff. It seems like I was just planning a fabulous baseball birthday party! I was just making personalized bats for the guest and booking the locations and ordering cupcakes. And here we are again....time to plan for a celebration and the start of year 4!!!!

How the time flies. A phrase often said by many parents but never really taken seriously until it's too late. Already time to take down the giant baseball birthday banner in his room and replace it with a new one. Already time to start getting use to saying, "I have a 4 year old". Already time to start planning and thinking ahead for kindergarten. Already time to start saying good bye at preschool 4 mornings a week instead of 2 :( Already time to start buying a bigger size of clothes.

Hensley was sitting on the couch a few days ago just playing video games with me and he looked right at me and said "I am not a baby anymore. I am a big boy."  Totally out of the blue. Totally bittersweet :/

He is excelling at gymnastics! His teachers have suggested him for a Star Bees class for the summer which is by instructor invite only for advanced students. Tee ball sign ups were last weekend. This will be his last season of starter ball. It's on to tee ball soon. To keeping score. Working more at his swing. Taking a tiny step more serious.

His favorite thing on Earth (besides his WiiU) is wrestling with his Daddy! (DDT as we call it here) He can't get enough and knowing Dad will be home each and every evening to engage in some all out wrestling time on our bed is what he lives for.

He can spell his name....first and last. He can read it and recognize it. He knows the name of the Presidcent, Vice President, Secretary of  State. He can tell you the country, city, and state he lives in and can show you on the map and recite of the name of over 8 other states. He knows his birthday and will be happy to tell you when it is. We have got colors, abc's, numbers to 100, and shapes down pat!

He is loving all the super heros like The Hulk, Batman and Spiderman :) Bowling and Nerf guns top the list of things that make him smile too :)

His favorite color is blue (and Daddy is happy its no longer pink). His favorite number is 3 (although I'm sure it will change to 4 soon). He loves Mario with a passion and can work my laptop like a pro. Skateboarding fascinates him. He has watched Madagascar 3 100 times in the past week. Blue monkey is still his main squeeze :) and I pray it will never change.

He drew "faces" at school the other day for the first time. I have never seen him draw much before at all especially a face. And there it was on two paper plates a perfect happy face and angry face. He was so proud of himself to show me it brought tears to my eyes.

He can't get enough of his Uncle Brandon and soaks up every minute he has with him.

He is amazing. He is fearless. He is strong willed. He is tenacious. He is outspoken. He is kind. He is friendly. He is curious. He is strong. He is my baby. And he is growing like a weed.

He still randomly holds my hand and looks so small in his car seat :)

He gets more adorable with each passing day :) 

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