Saturday, August 1, 2015

Our Summer....Summed Up!

Well that went by fast. I blinked and it was over! Summer was quick but oh so fun! We stuffed a lot of fun in a little bit of time. I didn't post much over the summer because my days were filled with pool side days and a house full of kiddos! So here is our summer all summed up in photos :) 

We left the last day of school super excited that the sun was out and Summer was ON!

I think Hensley was most excited to not have to be in bed so early. It was super hard making him go to bed at his usual time because since the time changed it stays light so long. He and little Nate were out in the backyard for HOURS running around and catching lighting bugs. They loved every minute of it and summer had officially begun. 

The first few days of summer break was very laid back! All the other kids in the neighborhood were still in school and we were pretty much exhausted from all the end of school fun. There was lots of Netflix, hanging out on the couch and staying cool. 

We slept in!!!!!!

I noticed one morning of laying on the couch with Hensley in my lap just how big he is getting. His legs go on forever! It will not be long before he catches up with me!

Water hoses and the trampoline made for some fun afternoons. Jumping through rainbows :) 

Hensley was really excited to spend a lot more time with Andy too! He had a pretty laid back schedule coming up and they couldn't wait to do all the things that make them happy! 

Playing 8 Ball Pool against each other!

Family dinner date to Brixx Pizza!

Early morning videos games are their favorite!

If you have read the blog for a while you have seen our little buddy Nate with this long blonde locks. He surprised us one day with a fresh new hair do! 

My mom was home for a few weeks and we always have so much fun with her. We shopped, went swimming, made dinners together and took many golf carts rides! Hensley gets so excited to see her come home. The only sad part is when she leaves! But we just got some news that she may be home for good come October (thank goodness)!!!

We spent some time with my Uncle Johnny and my sweet sweet cousin Brooke! She spent a few days with us and we had a great time. We went bowling, visited a Summer Festival, ate out a lot and played a ton of games. It was one of those times that you'll never forget because there were so many time we were laughing so hard we cried. We played Hide and Clap one night and it was hands down one of the best nights! She is such a sweet girl. There aren't a lot kids like her in the world today. She is really something special! 

Luckily this year we both made some pretty awesome friends and we were thankful we got to spend time with some of those awesome friends this summer. First we got to attend sweet Lyric's birthday party! It was a pool party!

You can't go wrong with a huge water slide! They grilled out and threw a super awesome Ninja Turtle birthday bash!

This is how much mornings were spent this summer. I don't know who got lazier, Hensley or the dogs! But I will say it was exceptionally hot a for weeks on end.
Speaking of hot! We spent many many days by the pool and there was a new local pool that opened this year with an awesome water slide!

Hensley and his buddy Gabe were so excited to go down this slide but getting to the top and actually doing it was a whole different story. I think it was a little overwhelming and it was dark inside. Here they are trying to convince each other and themselves that they could do it. 

And as you can see above....they did it!!!! And LOVED it!!!

We spent time at a few other pools too! Hensley loves going to Aunt Dolly's pool because she has a diving board! 

We also met up with Hensley's long time buddy Aaron at Northeast park! It was freezing cold water the day we went but we made the best of it!

And last but not least was Brooke's pool. We probably hung out there the most the summer. It's very laid back and chill. We would turn on the radio, order some pizzas and spend the day in the sun!

Our sweet friends the Williams' were very generous to invite us to a Burington Royals baseball game! It was perfect weather for a baseball game! It was like a fan night type thing were they had games set up and bounce houses and lots of prizes to win. It was a great time. The Royal's did not win but it was  a great game and they had fireworks after!!!!!

Mr. Lefty throwing the ball! Got it in on his first try!!!

We learned a very important life skill this summer.....the backflip!!!!!!

Board games around here can be very competitive. Anything from monopoly to battleship. You see that face? It's serious! 

I spent a solid hour making flash cards to work with Hensley on to get him ready for some "1st grade" words. Unfortunately for me it was useless because when I started them with him he flew them with ease! I should have went with second grade words I suppose but I am thankful he is such a great reader!

 We spent one evening celebrate my sweet friend Emily's birthday! I only snapped one picture because we were having so much fun but I love this picture. It's a perfect example of how a mom spends her birthday. Her favorite dessert and all the kids digging in. She had a lot of fun though and I hope she knows how much she is loved. I can only hope to be as fabulous as her one day!!

Did I mention how hot it was for a few weeks? It was insane! The kids didn't even want to think about being outside. This was how a lot of afternoon's were spent!

Ice cream evenings walking down streets of little downtown Gibsonville with his Daddy!

This summer my mom sent Hensley some mail. The kind most kids don't know much about these days. Real, hand written letters, with stamps! Cool stamps! My mom will send Hensley a little every now and then when they are in a new place with some cool stamps (Batman this time!) and this one had a nice little surprise too!

We also got to enjoy lots of cookouts at Granny and Pawpaw's when they were in town :) I think those night are my favorite!

Building Lego castles with Pawpaw was one of Hensley's new favorite things to do. 

We ventured out one day to get Hensley all ready for school. We bought new sneakers, new clothes, lots of school supplies and he got a new do :)

 We also had to get his (LATE) 6 year old check up done and a visit to the dentist!
All went well. At the doctor they told him he was a "perfect square" he is 47 inches tall and 47 pounds! He is healthy and growing perfect! The best news was that he is done with shots until he is 11 which was when he assured me that would be no big deal because by then he would be super strong and brave!

The dentist went well too. They did see a small cavity between two back teeth that are very tight but said it's smaller then a grain of salt. They would like him to get it filled since he will have them until he is at least 10 but it's still something I am pondering on since he will lose them and it is so tiny. We shall see. Other then that he looked great! 

And because back to school time was coming and because apparently I like to spoil him. Andy and I surprised him with the Nerf vest he had been eyeing for a while! He was so happy as you can tell in the photo. I told him to look tough but it was hard holding him his excitement!

We got to catch with Hensley's sweet friend Noah from school. He has really loved spending time with Noah and luckily for me his mom is pretty awesome too so we have all become really great friends. We had no been to the Graham Children's Museum in a long time so we went there to spend a few hours.

We also spent an day eating lunch and bowling with our dear friends :) Hensley has loved spending time with Gabe since preschool :) Going to separate schools starting in kindergarten caused them to miss each other a lot!

Andy decided to spoil Hensley one afternoon at Gamestop with a lot of new games :)

 We discovered this awesome indoor slot car track. Hensley and Andy both LOVED it and we will for sure be spending time there this winter as it gets harder to be outdoors.

These three bums surely bonded this summer. I have never really seen Hensley spending a lot of time with the dogs before this summer, but not he goes out of his way to love on them and play with them :) I love their relationship.

This little guy started wandering around our neighborhood this summer. He is super cute and very sweet and the kids all named him Max. He appears to be a stray but we have decided to feed him and if he sticks around Hensley would be thrilled. If not he will probably be heartbroken.

 Bed head at its finest :)

Park day. We fished, we played! It was great :)

We had a lot of summer memories and I tried to document as many as I could. It was nice, It was HOT! It was slow. It was quiet. It was a great bonding time for our family and it will be a cherished forever!

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