Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Time Fun

Summer is a busy time and with laying by the pool, soaking up the sun, funding fun things to do, and eating lots of popsicles there isn't a lot of time for blogging. This summer can be sumed up pretty easily. We spent a lot of time at the pool, Daddy worked out of town A LOT, Nate was my second child, and we learned all there was to know about karate!!  So for the summer time blog there will be a lot of photos. Those tell the story anyway :)

A puppy and a loving bunny led to a lot of early mornings for me. 

Most of the summer looked like this :/

My summer read was amazing this year.

Celebrated Gavin turning 3 :) 

When did he get almost as tall as me??!

Paddle Boat adventure

Before church selfie

Afternoons were full of baseball practice.....

......and snack time movie sessions.

We had an evening where we caught lighting bug and learned all about them. 

On this particular day Hensley  decided to act like his Daddy! 

Most days were so full of fun that most nights looked like this. 

We even convinced Uncle Brandon to come to the pool with us one day. 

We celebrated baby Jemma's very first birthday!

Hensley and I caught a movie one afternoon :) He loved it! 

While Daddy was home from work this summer Hensley soaked up every minute with him. 

The Children's Museum in Burlington was a new one for us and we can't wait to go back. 

We also celebrated the arrival of Baby Zoey :) 

Hensley worked hard all summer and at the end of the summer he took his test to get a new belt :) 

That's about it for the summer of 2013. We had a blast!!!

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