Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

Happy Resurrection Day!!!!  Easter was this past Sunday and it was really the year that Hensley understood what Easter was about, the religious side and the commercial side. He learned so much at school and church this year about why we REALLY celebrate this amazing day and he really understood the story and told so many other people about the true meaning of this holiday. He was also OBSESSED this year with Easter eggs and hiding them over and over and over again!

We did a lot of fun stuff this year leading up to Easter. There were several Easter eggs hunts, a trip to visit the Easter bunny and a lot of memories made. Here goes :

One of the first events we had was an Easter egg hunt at Hensley's preschool. It's an annual tradition and one of many that I will miss dearly next year. This year Hensley's goal was to find the one gold or sliver egg hidden in order to get an extra surprise. We were fast and we looked high and low but ultimately some else found it. He wasn't phased he was far too busy going through the TON of eggs he did find.

It was wear purple to school day....the only thing he owned was this hat! HAHA!

The Haul :)

 My boy is getting so big. 

We hit up Chick-fil-a for lunch after with our friends Gabe and Amanda. It was an absolutly beautiful spring day. 

Spring finally came to stay around here and we have been spending as much time as possible outside. Hensley received a new bike for his birthday from his Granny and Pawpaw and one evening I looked out to discover him already "working" on it. :) 

We also spent a weekend updating our front yard. Hensley was a huge help as you can see but the end result was amazing!!

Next up was an egg hunt and resurrection trail at our church. We invited some of our friends and it was a great time :) 

The resurrection trail was 12 tables set up with a person at each station. Each child received an egg at each station with an item inside to symbolize a part of the Easter story in the Bible. They were also read the verse that corresponded with that item.  It was a very neat way to teach the children more aspects of the real meaning of Easter. 

We made crafts as well and played a game of soccer and lastly we had the big egg hunt. There were prizes for the most eggs found and ...... Hensley won!! He had a total of 106!!!
I would say there would be no shortage of Easter candy this year at our house!!

We had amazing grand plans the Saturday before Easter to go to Lazy 5 ranch and have a glorious day and hunt eggs dropped by a helicopter rained all stinking day!!!! 

SO.....we visited the Easter bunny, grabbed lunch, hit up the bounce house and came home to dye Easter eggs with our friends ;) 

We did not let the rain ruin our fun day :)

Finally it was Easter Sunday. The Easter bunny had clearly been busy the night before! Hensley had a ton of stuff to look at and open. He was absolutely adorable on Easter morning. We raided the Easter baskets, ate breakfast and did a quick Easter egg hunt and a little photo shoot before we were off to church :) 

We left carrots out for the Easter bunny. 
He ate all Hensley's carrots and left him a little note :) 


Happy Easter! Remember to not only teach your children about the real reason for this holiday but to also remember it yourselves. :) 

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