Thursday, July 11, 2013

The fourth of July 2013

Happy 4th of July! A day to celebrate our freedom, spend time with family, eat good food, and watch fireworks! Check, check, and check!!!

They say time flies when you are having fun, and we must be having a BLAST because this summer is flying by so fast!!! The 4th of July was last week and it officially marked the half way point of summer.

This summer has been filled with days by the pool and evenings at karate lessons.

Our 4th of July was different then any we have had before. Andy has been gone ALL SUMMER. He left at the end of May and still isn't home. He is in Kansas City for work and we can't wait for him to be home this week!!!

Andy being gone didn't stop us from having a great celebration though!! We partied from sun up to way past sun down and it was probably one of the best Fourth of July's ever.

We hit up the Fun Fourth downtown Greensboro Festival. It was full of bands, good food, vendors, rides for the kids and games. 

We wrote cards to the soldiers over seas. Got temporary tattoos. Rode some rides. Ate awesome pizza in the air conditioning (which was much needed mid day). Laughed til our bellies hurt. 

Later that night we caught a baseball game to watch our home town Greensboro Grasshoppers :) They put on a great game and of course there were some awesome fireworks at the end :) 

Pretty much the best day ever ;) Happy 4th guys :) 

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