Friday, May 31, 2013

The Month of May = LOTS OF FUN!

May was a busy month! But so so so so fun!!!

This month was Andy's 28th birthday! We celebrated with a ton of food, family and friends. We grilled out, played baseball, and made some great memories. Andy's family came up and it was really a special day!

School let out! Summer began in our house! And we added 2 little additions to our family :)

Last day of school party!!!

On a park visit Hensley found this awesome heart rock :-)

Hensley is very into writing his name...he just sometimes does it in the bathtub!

My happy place!!!

Hensley loves PawPaw's motorcycle

Dinner with mommy and daddy! He looks so grown up in the this picture to me!

Mother's Day Morning! I am so thankful to be his Mommy!

The many faces of Hensley!

These freckles and lashes are my favorite things in the whole world!!!

Pedicures have become popular in our house! Andy and Hensley love them!

Hensley got a BUNNY! His name is Max and he is a Lionhead Rabbit! He is awesome!!

This is how you'll find Hensley when we visit Great Grandma and Grandpa!

The boys are fascinated with Mr. Max

We added Max the bunny to our family this month and he is such a joy! But we also added one more little precious one to the mix.....
Meet Olivia our new puppy!!  :-)

Hensley got sick this month. It was no fun!

The Splash Pad made an entrance in our lives this month! It's alot of fun and the boys are completely worn out when we leave

Angry birds have taken over our house !

And if you have kids and dont have one of these...get one! They are awesome!

We went a minor league baseball game this month! The Grasshoppers are our local team here in Greensboro and it was a blast! Hensley was in awe.

Andy, Hensley, my Mom and I had a froyo night :)

We also had a day date all together one day where we went to a bowling alley and dinner :) It was a blast! The photos speak for themselves. 

I love looking back and seeing this in my back seat...

Here are some random pictures from May :) 

We spent a lot of time at gymnastics this month too :) 

Hensley even received a metal at the awards ceremony they had! :) 

It was a great month! 

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